The time has come. Or I guess I should say the time has gone. I've eaten my last lunch, taken my last shower, and spent my last pound... and in under 24 hours now I'll be on a plane back to the United States. 

The last four months have been some of the most amazing of my life! I've learned so much, made amazing friends, and had seen incredible sights. However, I'm also extremely excited to get back to America and see my family and home again. Can you imagine how conflicted my feelings are right now?? I'm sad, happy, satisfied, and amazed all at the same time! These conflicting feelings are the inspiration behind my last blog. Here goes nothing!
What I’ll miss about London:
16.Well-behaved Dogs that can go anywhere
15. Going to class in my pajamas
14. Cobblestone streets (that you have to look at while you walk so you don't trip)
13. Heather squeaking on the bed above me that keeps me up all night
12. Glen the Bus Driver
11. Having a pocket full of change worth more than a $10 bill
10. Waking up to heather’s books, letters, and who knows what underneath me
9. Frog Yogurt
8. My Primary kids singing “Scripture Power”
7. Walking miles everyday through the sites of London
6. Hyde Park
5. Markets – Borough, CamdenSloan Square, and Portobello
4. Yogurt Covered Banana Chips
3. “Please Mind the Gap between the train and the platform”
2. Doing workouts in the Classroom with Haley, Elise, Paige, and Shelbi.
1. Spending every second of every day with the amazing friends I’ve made here

And while there are MANY more things I'm going to miss about this wonderful place, it does have a few downsides that I'm happy to leave behind. 

What I most definitely WON'T miss about London:
10. The horribly high conversion rate
9. European gum
8. Not being able to curl my hair because of the humidity
7. Paying to use the bathroom
6. Sharing one shower with 12 girls
5. Using the same purse and coat every day
4. Leaving 2 hours early for church to get there on time
3. Going out to eat with 10 people and having to figure out how to pay for it because they won't split the check for you
2. Having 2 faucets in the bathroom - one with ice cold water and the other scalding hot. NO HAPPY MEDIUM!
1. Our disgusting fridge crammed full of 40 testco bags making it nearly impossible to find any of your food

Now, a list to please my feelings of satisfaction and amazement.

What I’ve learned from my adventures:
5. I like White chocolate a lot more than milk
4. Contrary to popular belief, British Men aren’t very attractive at all
3. How to fall asleep while 12 other girls are screaming and laughing
2. Ryanair has the worst customer service on earth
1. .... and here's a shout out to Haley Walker first...OH BABY, I have Bieber fever!!

Last, but not least, my feelings of excitement!

What I’m excited to see/do/have/use when I get home!:
16. My closet of clothes
15. Driving. Even if it is my old green mini van. Actually, ESPECIALLY my old green mini van!
14. Using an outlet without a converter
13. Parking lots (No, they don't have them over here. Even small ones.)
12. Free public toilets in places other than just McDonald's 
11. My own bedroom and space
10. Not having to microwave my eggs
9. Internet access that isn’t bipolar
8. Real salads (not a bowl of lettuce)
7. Drivers that give pedestrians the Right of way
6. Costco
5. Mexican Food - aka Cafe Rio
4. My mom’s cooking (Notice the pattern of good food here at the top of the list. London is NOT known for good food)
3. THE SUN. I miss him so. 
2. My sister's engagement ring
1.5. My sister's body attached to that engagement ring
1. My family and their amazing humor, love, spirit, and craziness!

Well. London, it's been grand! I'll never forget this past semester. Until next time. 

Kaylee Joy - OVER AND OUT.



    I feel beyond cool right now. JB probably does too.
    We've had some good times. I'm not going to get sappy (yet..) but I will miss waking up and seeing your face across the room! Bah!

  2. BAHHHH!!!!!! OH MY KAY JOY I MISS YOU MORE THAN A CAT MISSES HER BEAUTY AND YOUTH AND LIKABLENESS AS A KITTEN!!!! I GET TO SEE YOU IN ONE DAY!!!!! oh my, I have been trying to clean and pack and do all things neccisary so that when you get here it can just be US time!! oh I love you! and I will try to have your green mini van clean and sparkling for you!

  3. P dot S dot. You are the coolest blogger I know ( but don't tell the other bloggers)

  4. Killy! I want to go to London now! YOU'RE COMING HOME!!! CALL MEEE!! wooooooo! ps I'm headed to NY today :) :)

  5. AMBER WE JUST commented AT THE SAME TIME crazy.

  6. Offended that i am not at the top of your list on why you are excited to come home.

  7. Loved the blog, love the blogger, can't wait to see you. We'll have to save up and go over to London and you can show how the locals do everything. I laughed at a lot of your comments, especially the one about "Mind the gap between the train and the platform!" and the having to pay to go to the restroom. How crazy is that. When I was there, I was like, "I'm just going to hold it! That will show them!" Well, that doesn't work very well, no one cares if you explode.

  8. So I realize this is a little late, but I miss dropping my stuff on you, and I just read that post...I'm so far behind. miss you.